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'Dissolving Social Anxiety To Live In Freedom & Power'

Complete Expanded Powerliminal Program

If having personal freedom, respect and power in social, personal and professional interactions means something to you,

Please take this little

self-assessment quiz:

Have you been struggling with:


Having the integrity to always be and communicate your true self around new environments or groups

● Living free from the effect of judgment and criticism from others

● Having compromised your integrity in the past just to conform and fit in a group when you knew it wasn't right and you really felt ashamed of yourself but wouldn't tell anyone

● Letting go of being looked down upon socially or from people whose opinion you really valued..maybe even jeered at by them

● Feeling 'unworthy' with the opposite sex...especially socially powerful members of the opposite sex who really live on this 'pedestal' far above you and find it difficult to be 'worthy' and connect with them

● Truly living and being 'indifferent' and carefree but worthy and capable to connect with anyone you'd like anywhere and at anytime without fear

● Freely being able to express yourself and effectively communicate your own integrity; thoughts and feelings..especially when it matters and is the best thing for everyone involved

● Struggled with speaking up when someone else who was more boisterous but had a less valid point was taken seriously and you weren't and you went off in disconnected anger

● Being accepted, respected and welcomed by higher status people ('belonging') instead of being excluded, worrying or living in anxiety

● How to stop feeling like your self-worth is at stake everytime someone doesn't approve of you and like how you ARE seeking external validation but the world still seems so cruel and harsh

● Can't help feeling like you're being 'put on trial' anytime you go out to the judgments of others especially who have higher status in any environment

● Suppressing the physiological butterflies in your abdomen

● Being so self-conscious of how others perceive you and that makes you more nervous

● Hoping no one notices how nervous and full of anxiety you are

● Spending hours planning out what to say before you meet someone and all the different possible scenarios and then completely losing it all when you're near them

● Spending hours AFTER a failed social interaction replaying things out in your mind of how it should have gone

● The social life of your dreams is in your fantasies or lived vicariously through socially suave and powerful people like a 007

● Don't know what to say to more powerful, higher status people when you aren't nearly as renowned as them but would love to form a connection

● Hating yourself for not being able to take chances because you know you'll screw it up

● Feeling powerless or inept socially in new or intimidating situations often preferring to hide in your own skin

● Living in paralyzing fear worrying about what others will say about you when you enter a new social situation

● Feeling 'out of place' in new groups like it's difficult to ever belong and wanting to win their acceptance

● Have tried (often desperately) to fit in with 'cool' or more socially powerful people but failed miserably and felt like a fool

● Fretting about what to say and start truly being present living in the moment without any cares

● Feeling like the social world and other groups are so 'disconnected' that it takes such an 'effort' to try to fit in and then they have the power of rejecting you so why do you even bother while you still feel excluded

● Ineffectively communicating and expressing your own ideas and vision to the people that matter and could really accelerate your life path

● Feelings of fear, stress and anxiety that are holding you prisoner personally, romantically and in social situations when meeting new people

● Are really intimidated around members of the opposite sex who you'd like to meet but who have a LOT of social power that it undeniably throws you off and feels like they're on a pedestal above you

How did you rate?  Any of those affect you?


If so, congratulations!  If you're going through any of those issues above in this self-assessment, most likely you have some very real form of social anxiety and you're not anywhere near as powerful or effective socially nor being expressively true to yourself in communicating with others.


At least you're now more aware of it

(even if you don't want to face or admit it).


And you know those feelings right?  The feelings of trying to 'hold it together' and sustain your equality when they REALLY ARE someone of higher social status, power and influence.  Guess what? 


Your disempowerment and lack of ability to connect, engage and communicate WITH POWER yourself around other people of power is single-handedly one of the BIGGEST things holding you back in life.


Even I used to think I was an 'island' but we're NOT! 


Your relationships and how you relate to the world are a huge part of your life and if you're living from disempowerment, anxiety and an inability to connect and resonate with the higher status, powerful people who are where you WANT TO BE in any area of life personally, romantically or professionally; well then, you're just settling for a meek existence!


You SHOULD be crushed because how many years has this been going on?  What major effect is it having in your life? 


Where could you be now and with whom?


  Where you want to be is WORLD'S away and it may seem like NOTHING can effectively resolve your basic dilemma of just simply connecting and engaging with powerful people as worthy and powerful yourself...because THEN you can share and exchange value with them.


This is especially true if you have a lot of power and value to give to the world and you're not openly communicating and expressing it with other powerful people who can help manifest your vision in the world.


Once you're 'in' with more powerful people you can even leverage THEIR higher knowledge, wisdom, power, value, consciousness and status to advance your life.  Your relationships are essential especially if you want to exceed professionally but this also extends to the quality of people in your life and in your love life.


Are you settling for less?  Can you just connect and engage anyone no matter their social status?  If not and you want some resolution from all of the suffering you've been going through which you could call social anxiety, you're in the right place.


What is the price of the anxiety that you're suffering that won't go away around higher status people and your feelings of inadequacy and worthiness?  The hours of torment you go through in your mind for not being able to be 'in' or feeling worthy and independent from their judgments from you?


You may have questions like:

● How can I stop worrying about what others think of me?

● What can I do to alleviate social anxiety?


● How can I get others to respect me and take me seriously?


● How do I release people evil-eyeing me?

● How do I know what to say around someone of power when I don't have anything near their level of professional expertise or status (to get in with them)?

How do I stop sabotaging myself from connecting with other people of power who I know can help me advance my life personally, romantically and professionally?

● How can I be accepted and 'belong' to higher status groups to be 'in' even when I'm not at the same level of social power?

● How can I stop letting others judgments and opinions of me really affect me?

● How can I be truly
free and independent from the outcome (indifferent) of what others think of me?

● How can I let go of years of worry, stress and anxiety in social situations?


● How can I master 'indifference' yet still be powerful and engaged in life with the people I want, when and where I want?


● How can I be able to meet new people of beauty, power, social and professional prestige when I go out?

● How can I be received and welcomed instead of disconnectedly passive in my connection and engagement with people and in all social or group settings?

● How can I behave powerfully and always be sure of myself with confidence in new environments and situations when I don't know how they're going to respond?

● What steps do I have to take to become more confident in new social situations?

● How can I connect with more socially powerful people?



Well, the answer to ALL of these is not really in what to say.  It's in who you ARE and how you communicate.


It all comes down to POWER.  Power is energy that influences and socially; the simplest solution to all of your issues is in just one word if you know how to apply and live it in life. 


Fortunately you have infinite power and worthiness to communicate or connect with anyone in the world without having to be their social status equal (we'll get to that a bit later).


This one word philosophy can radically change your life into one of EMPOWERMENT, worthiness, effective, communication and power as it changed mine.  It is the answer to cure ALL of your woes and anxieties socially and anywhere at anytime (including living with yourself and freeing yourself from the Shawshank of your mind). 


And that word is 'interdependence'.  It's a way of relating to the world.  See, I discovered this concept in 1995 in the book 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by the late Dr. Stephen Covey in 'the relational formula'.


And then Blaine Lee expanded on this in the book 'The Power Principle' which was a grossly under-rated and overlooked booked (but more known in the business circles)  that I then took and applied on a larger scale to social power, influence and specifically dating dynamics between men and women and how socio-cultural dynamics have influenced dating reality.



is how to live, be and communicate as EQUAL to all other forms of power and influence


I've lived by it since then, it resolved my social anxieties and made life a TONNNNN easier because I understood the power of it's logic alone and FULLY embraced it.


And with the passing of Dr. Covey I may be the world's remaining authority on interdependence outside of business circles.  I've been teaching it for years.  I live by this philosophy so strongly that in 1999 I got a prominently placed tattoo of it and I simply communicate power and confidence everywhere I go. 


I prefer meeting more powerful, beautiful and high social status people because I'm simply more likely to resonate with them.  I'm NEVER thrown off by their social status or how powerful they are there; I connect as worthy equals before, during and after. 


I can approach anyone, anywhere at anytime and connect with them independent of what they think of me if they try to put me down or judge me, etc.  I live and exercise power in all relationships and how I interact with everything.


Any and everyone who has hung out with me has seen this to be true including other powerful people (and top leaders in the dating industry).  The freedom is something I've taken for granted until hosting the Self-Awakening event in Medellin when social anxiety really seemed to be a common theme amongst our attendees. 


And now I'm reconnecting with it in a new way which I'll tell you about to help you effectively resolve all of YOUR issues in this area in record time even if you've NEVER been able to get anywhere with other programs, counseling or therapy.


However, for most people like you, the logic of the science behind (social) power and influence (relational dynamics) isn't enough because you still HAVE anxieties in different parts of your consciousness that will likely NEVER be resolved unless you can spiritually reframe and AFFECT that area of consciousness itself where you have anxieties are and move it into a relationship of interdependence with all other forms of power.


Wow that was a long sentence but, this is how to have power and freedom to connect with anyone, carefree and worthy no matter how powerful they are.  Find a way, find ANY WAY to effectively LIVE interdependence and you will live in power and worthiness free from your issues!


Sound great?  The reality is priceless because you don't HAVE any issues or fears; it's entirely LIBERATING!! 


All events I go to I'm doing power networking with any other anxiety...the more powerful they are the better because I can better resonate with them!  I've met all kinds of leaders of industries and it's what helped evolved me FAST when I entered the dating industry. 


I was accepted at the TOP of the industry at the end of event I was an ATTENDEE at when Cliff invited me to speak @ Cliff's List back in 2005.  I met Zan and Brent and crashed Eben's VIP party because I communicate power and respect from interdependence.  And it didn't take long after that to be seen and respected as equal with the other leaders in the industry.


Would you like to rise to the top of your industry or be seen as a true power player in literally a weekend?  Interdependence is about POWER but few people get into this concept or care about it but it changed my life. 


It's how I can talk to any woman anywhere at anytime no matter her social power (seen by people who hang out with me including many of the top dating coaches). 


It's how I comfortably and enjoyable power network with people at the TOP of their respective fields at events.


 It's how I can just chat up a Bill Rancic without 'needing' anything from him at a line in an airport a year or two after he won The Apprentice. 


Would YOU like to just LIVE with power and be

respected as powerful yourself?


.. instead of suffering near paralyzing anxiety when it really MATTERS in your life?  Simply change how you relate to all other forms of power itself.  I'm so advanced with relational mastery that I'm equal to all social power (the entire social matrix)...why? 


Because I choose the TYPE of relationship I have with all of it's power and how it affects me and I do it on all levels of my self-consciousness (Heart, Mind, Body, Sexiness and Soul).  Kind of like Neo when see 'saw' the Matrix, he became far more powerful simply by changing how others sources of power (the bullets of negative influence) affected him; he accepted his own power to be equal to all power. 


I was teaching this stuff YEARS ago but few students have really picked it up.  Now, I think it's time you want to move on because you're sick of the anguish and oppression your social anxiety has caused you all these years.


But here's the thing, relational dynamics and interdependence is a very UNSEXY TOPIC.  People would still rather get caught up in the glamour of high social status and then conform themselves, selling their soul to try and fit in those kinds of dynamics.  STOP!!  Just have an entirely different relationship with it.


But again, this isn't a sexy topic (until now!!).  I know because I've been teaching it for 57 months to only a very few small number of insiders with my 'relational mastery'. 


While PUA's would sell out bootcamps of having students end up with even more social anxiety by playing the game, I was the ONE person teaching them how to actually resolve their issues but very very few people listened to me on this topic or really ever 'understood it'.  The few that have 'truly got it' like a Mr. Marcus led lives of immense power, respect and attraction.


Fortunately those were FOUNDATIONAL years; those of teaching the science behind power and influence on behavior itself, because it gives you the advantage NOW without having to learn all about the un-sexiness of relational dynamics. 


Now it's about taking this transformation TO YOU and your social life.


It's generally a BORING topic but with RELM we've now entered an entirely new area and that which has come to a crossing point with the other work I'm doing with Self-Awakening and higher consciousness.  I'm now teaching on the highest levels of the spirituality of social power and influence.


There is now a mergence where we can practically INTEGRATE the highest levels of relational mastery while healing and transforming your consciousness to CURE and effectively DISSOLVE all of your social and relational issues to simply be free and command respect and power yourself.


The freedom to connect, communicate, engage and fearlessly interact with ANYONE you so please in ANY social dynamic or environment; going out to bars, lounges or nightclubs, group environments, meetups, cocktail parties, networking events, meeting people in day or nighttime, social networking and expansion, making great first impressions.


Of course all of this (living by interdependence) resolves all of your confidence and body language issues too because you're freeing yourself from that which was holding you back from communicating and relating to all other forms of power and programs as powerful yourself.


Imagine, shamelessly being the one that stands out instantly from your powerful presence and body language that is free and unaffected by other displays or actual power so that YOU are magnetically appealing.


We're talking walking in FRONT of entire new rooms without being thrown off...it


Becomes FUN to see how people interact with your

own solid presence and unwavering-ness


Powerful people themselves start respecting you and being attracted to you because your energy says they can trust you and see what you both have in common.


When you have the applied freedom and capability to talk to anyone anywhere for any reason, then it just becomes about what YOU want to attract in your life because you're never unworthy or 'less than' someone of immense social power.  You're their EQUAL without ANY nervousness or anxiety (once you apply this more powerful reality enough and embed it into your physiology).


Now I'm into teaching on all non-physical (spiritual) levels of power and influence; the effect the external world has on your mental, emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual consciousness.


But knowing the spiritual logic (beyond the levels of mind-consciousness) is one thing; APPLYING IT (as it IS the cure to all of your social anxieties and HOW to live in power with the world) is an entirely different thing.  Fortunately you don't have to get all 57 issues of RELM or even one of them.


Instead I'm just bringing the SOLUTION to having, being and communicating with power and equality TO power in ALL environments; the freedom to connect and communicate with anyone, ANYWHERE you go no matter how much social anxiety you've gone through or been conditioned into in the past or are suffering now.


A solution to actually heal and release those anxieties and energy blocks from your entire self and subconsciousness, all of the issues that have oppressed you and belittled you for years; no matter how much you've been conditioned and been in disempowering relationships, those years of suffering are OVER and your age of permanent power is here.


Now, we have something VERY special that APPLIES this to your life in a fun, easy format for very very real results. 


And it's in the form of our brand new Powerliminals!


It brings all of this top level 'power and influence' relational mastery 'stuff' (of interdependence) to you without ever having to know the depth of it's logic. 


Powerliminals are our custom form of a relaxing audio meditation like a hypnosis or subliminal recording but as you may already know we are different than other audio meditations because they


1. Affect your holistic consciousness (your Heart, Mind, Body, Sexiness & Soul).


Most other audio meditations (including brainwave entrainment and subliminals) affect either your brainwaves (like your beta or alpha frequency), subconscious mind or the Western version of your 'conscious mind' (which is really closest to 'ego' or beta state itself). 


The thing is your ISSUES OF ANXIETY and your practical daily, 'awake' consciousness (subjective experience) when you're is holistic.  Your conscious 'state' is more accurately your mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual and physical consciousness. 


With a definition of 'self' of Mind and Body, no wonder the West still hasn't figured this out yet for DIRECT healing results and resolution.  Even a psychological valuation of self can be taken but it may not directly address the other areas of your consciousness for what they actually are. 


If you have been trying things and not getting results, filtering the 'self' through the logical 'mind' has been holding you back from your true greater self and healing power for decades!  When I discovered the simplicity of this I was like "Why is NOBODY teaching?!"  See; sexual conscious energy is different than emotional which is different than spiritual conscious energy. 


Fortunately, we respect each of those areas of self-consciousness for what they ACTUALLY are and this is a simple yet fundamental, profound step and breakthrough that is build into the Powerliminals to bring you transformation on ALL levels of conscious self (and into your subconsciousness because we grab the weed and pull it out at the root).


You likely HAVEN'T had results or affect with other forms of audio meditation because these other resources are not directly affecting your conscious energies themselves nor know how to connect and engage them. 


This is why affirmations don't work for releasing deep emotional issues; you have to use the proper kind of conscious energy, accept it for what it is and work with it.  Experienced energy healers know that 'chi' energy is different than thought energy entirely.


It doesn't matter if YOU love thought, if your heart-based self responds to something else, you have to know how to affect IT.  If you have 'residue' that is affecting your heart or soul, it's in knowing how to engage that type of energy that will make the real difference and then leveraging from someone who is very conscious in that area to assist healing (because you simply CAN'T do it on your own if you're not very conscious there and just LIVING in the murk and anxiety).


Powerliminals know how to 'resonate' with each type of conscious energy that is beyond the general 'conscious mind' (or ego) where YOUR issues relevantly lie that are holding your power of self-expression and living in power and freedom with others. 


This makes ALL of the difference because now you can have direct healing and transformation on these levels instead of them being bypassed of ineffective at all and it can be done in the audio format because all of the energy is still there with it.


Powerliminals also;


2. Connect you to a far higher energy field (oneness) thus making spiritual (non-physical) transformation of consciousness guaranteed. 


Albert Einstein himself said 'you can't resolve a problem from the same level (of consciousness) it was created.'




Guess what?  Your same issues don't exist at a higher level of consciousness.  Your experience itself is directly painted by your level of consciousness. 


Anxiety exists when you simply aren't conscious enough in an area to be at or above the level of the problem.  It creates TIRE-KICKING stress when actually for someone who IS conscious there, it's actually fun and enjoyable without any signs of nervousness or anxiety. 


For example I LOVE meeting new and powerful people and networking with them.  There is no anxiety and it's simply about who I resonate with and who resonates with me; there is no fear or anxiety holding me back in any area of...no physiological butterflies to connection.


If you have stress in ANY area of self, you simply have to be more conscious there. 


The 'mistake' that has been made for DECADES in Western methodology was that your actual conscious energies weren't addressed specifically; they were all trying to filter it to be solved with personal (ego/mind) or body improvement.


There was a lot of focus on 'you' must be the problem but really these social issues INVOLVE other people so it left you feeling there was something even more 'wrong' with you but most people simply didn't understand the science of power and influence itself or include that in their equations.


You can work on improving yourself for decades even have great 'personal' confidence but then still have social anxiety because you're dealing with power out there in the real, social world in communicating and connecting with people in real relationships.


Even though you may have been trying and efforting to improve yourself with personal growth, we're now understanding your consciousness of self in human life is far more than just your mind.  But this is where infinite healing opens up.  You have to work on higher conscious on a holistic and more effective dynamic.


It is in EACH of those areas of consciousness that you have to become more conscious; in each TYPE of energy itself; Heart, Mind, Body, Sexiness and Soul to dissolve your anxiety and live in power, balance and health holistically



"the world feels 1000% better as that way of being drains out of my consciousness". - Herotransformation



This is at the core of why millions of professional, educated Westerners have emotional and sexual issues; their definition of self excludes their Heart and Sexiness! 

Instead of being conscious, they divert, oppress, disown or hide their 'issues' in the closet whereas people who are heart-conscious don't HAVE those issues at all.


And here's the thing, if you don't feel you're worthy it is simply disconnection from the now


Scientific fact that we are all coming

from the same SOURCE energy 


Since we are all spiritually connected (the spiritual concept of 'oneness' is now acknowledge to be the same as the 'source field' that Western science has now discovered that is the foundation of all life and all forms of power), it is simply how you RELATE to all other forms of power.


You're already worthy and equal to connect with a Bill Gates or a Beyonce, etc. you just have to connect with that power.


Powerliminals comes from an energy field of divine power from this SOURCE connection (even literal enlightenment in each of these areas respectively) to definitively resolve issues for you there EVEN IF you're not at all conscious in these areas. 


The highest consciousness is that you ARE connected to all other forms of power because oneness is even greater than all social power; we're all connected.  You and the person that intimidates you most. 


Again, it's simply how you RELATE to everyone else in the field of oneness...and actually that gives you INFINITE power and worthiness when you can connect to that higher consciousness and bring it into your subjectivity and you'll want to do it on each area of consciousness to truly be powerful, connected and worthy (free from anxiety) and able to communicate with high status people.


Being the founder of Heart-Awakening and sexual polarity meditation, I have tremendous amounts of power in this area and have healed my issues YEARS ago.  You realize you have MORE 'personal' power by being more connected to higher source consciousness (awakening) and then expressing it. 


More Heart connection = more heart power and influence with others ON that level of self because we're all connected.  Power resonates with power and when you take a holistic approach there aren't any areas left where you still feel anxiety or unworthiness.


This higher energy field that I bring to the table already exists and it's not mine, it's just a higher connection that can be yours too; an experience of no anxiety in these areas when it comes to communicating with other powerful people and living in personal freedom. 


It's simply the level of power/resonancy/frequency that I bring to influence you and others on those levels of consciousness.  So now we're merging Self-Awakening WITH the ultimate levels of relational mastery (spiritually) with this program specifically which is VERY exciting.


The Powerliminals will do the magic of connecting and engaging each of your conscious energies as well as connecting you to a far higher field of consciousness while relevantly transforming you into lasting dissolution of social anxieties and relating to others in all areas of life in any environment.


This program is meant specifically for curing your social anxiety and to step you into living with authentic power

(+ being your TRUE self) at all times

(which IS powerful by the way!)



No 'fake it til you make it', no more acting like James Bond in the mirror, no more staying conservatively shy because it's safer not to be judged from other people, no more living as less than you should be because now the ultimate solution to permanently RESOLVE your social anxieties is here.


It's time for REAL physiological change even if you've been the social 90 pound weakling your entire life.  It's time for resolution and..


It's called

 'Dissolving Social Anxiety To Live in

Freedom & Power'


And it's a SPECIAL, expanded Powerliminal based program.


This expensive but truly transformational resource and solution will help you miraculously transform how you relate to the world to one of power, comfort, confidence and comfort in your own skin no matter WHO you're talking to. 


People will respect you more instantly and more powerful people will be attracted to you because you respect yourself and have never known how much power you actually HAVE.


"This Social Anxiety program is fantastic. I've never really had that bad of social anxiety but I used to be much more closed off. Conversations with strangers always seemed like a chore to me be 4 this program. Now I'm always just in the moment extremely open. I live just outside of LA and I work in a Starbucks so i get ALOT of really negative people or really socially influential people who are quite honestly extremely rude.

Before this program I used to get upset about it and I would really close my energy off as a result. Now I have come to terms with Oneness and accepting things as they are, and all the negativity in the world can be fired at me and I will not be thrown off one bit. My reality has really become much more rock-solid because of this program and I now stay much more open with people. Ive noticed people have really started opening up to me as a result.  -thekillers725



This program will bring it to you even if you thought you're 'ok' with things, most likely you've been suffering YEARS of disempowering and oppressive relationships without even knowing it.  This program will clean most of that junk out too as a byproduct.


No more covering up the symptoms, this program will enact real change and you can test it for yourself.  If it doesn't, just ask for a refund.


This program will rewire your

consciousness on all holistic levels to power


(far beyond 'mind') specifically to do with social anxiety by moving each area into far higher connection to the fact that we are all connected and integrating spiritual levels of relational mastery and interdependence into your literal consciousness DNA of how you act and relate to the world.   


Just keep listening to this program and you'll start seeing behavioral and physiological changes in your entire reality around other people even just from relaxing to these audios and 'tuning out'.


If you've loved the other Powerliminals, you'll love this resource specifically for dissolving social anxiety


How fast it is done, pends on other dynamics including how willing you are to open to these levels of power but may be overnight or may take a few months to see definitive results that as you can imagine would be priceless to have.


Confidence, comfort in your own skin, not ever worrying about what others think of you, expressing yourself freely and openly, being in integrity to yourself, alleviating all of the stress, belittlement and anxiety socially and more, you will love this if you're ready to get this area handled for real. 


Start liberating yourself now!


Remember you get this FULL therapeutic and transformation program.


*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*


So put it to full use and see for yourself!  Just let me know within 90 days if you want a refund.


Your 'Dissolving Social Anxiety to Live in Freedom & Power'

Program Includes:



Welcome & 2 Step PDF


Discover the simple 2 steps that are our guiding factor and embedded throughout the entire program.  These have the power to dissolve all of your anxieties around other people of power no matter who you are communicating or connecting with.

5 DSA Audio Powerliminals


These are the real miracle workers here and even MORE than just dissolving your anxiety they will move you into a FREEDOM of personal and social expression like you have NEVER known; stepping you into more power that will affect all areas of your life and how you relate and communicate with everyone. 


This program was quite an ambitious one to even tackle and in a way it is a spiritual and social FEAT what we've done here because other solutions to social anxiety don't address the VERY REAL power and dynamics of the spirituality of social power and scales of power which are causing your anxiety in the first place. 


Thus the scope of it was quickly found out and the program simply HAD to expand to cover the breadth of such a large topic but the result is a tour de force of what would otherwise be near impossible or very quantum issues to take on (all of social power itself?!).


Thus you get FOUR unique extended Powerliminals + an SP version which samples from each of them. 


This will ensure that you are covered whatever your issues with anxiety are.  The Powerliminals use pro audio processing (the same plugins as used on countless hit singles and records).  They're made to get and keep you in an egoless, relaxed state of consciousness. 


You just relax your mind and they'll 'do the work' on the other areas of your holistic consciousness (emotional, sexual, mental and spiritual energies) and affect your subconscious because they know how to affect each energy and then pull it out from its roots. 


You don't even have to know logically what is 'going on' but the magic will be working and it's based on higher consciousness and connection to oneness itself and your already inherent power. 


You will move into that energy field letting go of the junk and clutter of the lower conscious anxiety and issues, spiritually reframing your relational reality to communicate with all other people of power in the social world.


If you're short on time, just use the SP (Short Play) version on loop and use DSA 1-4 for expanded, comprehensive work. 


Extended Version Powerliminals
[26.9 MB]
[25.6 MB]
[20.1 MB]


[13.1 MB]

DSA SP [Short Play]

[14.9 mb]


That's 198 Minutes & 29 Seconds

of Original Powerliminal Content to comprehensively reprogram your consciousness while doing the spiritual levels of relational mastery work necessary to live and communicate with power and freedom yourself around all levels of social status.


3 Guided Audio Releases (GAR's)


In order to get even MORE power out of the program we will progressively target and release the EXACT specific issues you're going through that are directly related to social anxiety.  You get THREE separate guided audio releases. 

One and Two are designed to hit exact core social anxiety issues spot-on while the 3rd is more specifically for single men dealing with social anxiety around women.

These are inspired from other sufferers of social anxiety as well as group and client 'therapy' sessions.  I'm in many cases using their EXACT, very real issues and turning them around into hardcore healing and releasing.

Progressively releasing these exact 'anxietal' issues from your energy field relevantly and directly will free you up to more swiftly move your conscious energies into a higher connection to source and relating to the world as powerful yourself. 

Combined with the Powerliminals, this 'double-danger' approach will help erase years of conditioning and disempowering relationships in ridiculously fast time as you are progressively and relevantly affecting your consciousness on both sides of the equation.

Guided Audio Releases:




[11.9 MB]


[12.6 MB]


[10.4 mb]


The custom designed therapeutic 'guided' audio releases are simple yet extremely powerful.  You'll 'repeat after me' while you go through the EFT/Tapping process as you release YEARS of tension and issues. 


Really for a lot of these issues it will be the last time you ever feel ANYTHING about them and then when you're in social situations you'll stop having any of these physiological responses and just communicate powerfully. 


These will also clear up issues at the deeper subconscious level that have been stored for years because we're grabbing the exact issue and pulling it out AT THE ROOTS.


Again, these scripts are designed to effectively hit your deepest issues and release them while engaging your conscious energies AND moving them into higher consciousness (often built within the scripts). 

Plus, I'm coming from a field of consciousness where I don't have these issues which brings even more power for your transformation.  You may only have to go through these a few times each to permanently release issues that have been stuck in your energy. 

They are designed to move you into a higher field of compassion and acceptance.  It's kind of like taking the trash out enjoying the view, walking back inside and your house is already spring cleaned!


Statements from current DSA owners:

"I can't stop smiling!

I listened to the original two-hour meditation yesterday and first two parts of the "upgraded" DSA - one last night, one this morning. I didn't think I had that much social anxiety, but apparently it had really been running my lafe and dragging me down, because the world feels 1000% better as that way of being drains out of my consciousness.

It's not simply easier to talk and connect with people, but the whole world around me is a so much more enjoyable place. As the ego worries fade and I experience more spiritual connection and interdependence, everything feels lighter, less "important," more free and fun.

People on the street and in the office are making me smile just from enjoying their energy, so much that my cheeks hurt. I had no idea I was so uptight and held back that the taste of freedom is so amazing.

I'm very grateful for this resource.

It's like a whole new experience of life, and I know it's only going to get better the more let go of the old way and receive this new way of being.

Thank you!!"  -Herotransformation


"..Already had several interesting effects...don't know what you did with the DSA but:

   - I feel refreshed

   - My hands/arms and feet were tingling, so I was in a sort of trance or simply energized - nice !

   - I am way more positive and happy right now, smiling

(it's) the first time I tend to listen to hypnosis & products with text, affirmations, statements, etc - and they're spot on :)

thanks a lot Rion :D

(I've virtually/practically been working on dissolving SA issues for years now but this has an instant significant and noticable effect..!)"  -mattownem


"I listened to the powerliminal "Dissolving Social Anxiety 1" twice. My results so far have been that in social situations I have lived (behaved) much more from within, my deepest inner self.

I can feel myself much more. I think much less of what other people might think of me.

Thanks :-) Great work!   -NaturalAlpha


AWESOME! (I say that a lot about these things, but whatever). The fact that I was ego-less [not thinking] for about 90% of those two hours is SPECTACULAR.

Afterwards, I had the urge to walk around, eating out of a Raisin Bran box of cereal, SO I DID! Now that's Awakening!~

In all seriousness, that's something that I wouldn't normally do, so there's already some progress.

...I feel less stressed now, and we'll see what the long term effects.



ALSO You Get...


Dissolving Social Anxiety

3 Custom Power Releasing Scripts


With the program you ALSO get these extended version customized releasing scripts.  These you'll be able to use on your own time to weed out exacting social anxiety issues; pre-customized from others who are suffering unworthiness and anxiety from social and communicative power issues.


You get THREE scripts.  The 3rd is meant for single men who have social and sexual anxiety around women, meeting women socially, communicating or talking with powerful/beautiful women or who have anxiety, big self-doubt, don't know what to say and are even frozen when on dates.


DSA Power Releasing Script 1

22 pgs.



DSA Script 2

12 pgs.


DSA Script 3

[For single men]

19 pgs.



These aren't just a bonus either, these are heavy-hitting components that you'll be glad are a part of this transformational solution.


These are designed from my professional experience in just getting people results.  I was the first known person in the dating industry to adopt and then CUSTOMIZE EFT/Tapping specifically for releasing deeper emotional and sexual issues that were otherwise unaffected.  I did this for my 'Fix My Inner Game' Program.


At a live event in Austin, we really found out one of the biggest 'secrets' of releasing. 




One of our attendees was quiet and conservative until then but there was one thing that 'dug deep' and hit his 'sweet spot' that made him really start laughing and releasing and we found out what that was and then 'cranked it up'....then he released all kinds of issues after that and it inspired me to an entirely new level of script writing.


And since then I've been able to 'twist', 'bend' and 'crank up' certain issues in a unique way to REALLY root them out by hitting the 'sweet spot'.  See it's not just 'your' issues as your issues won't exist at a higher level of consciousness; it's the ENERGY associated at this level of consciousness. 


These issues are universal, thus by being able to address the different issues in a PERSONAL and sweet spot way (in this process and these scripts), we're able to remove what has affected you and what's been keeping you prisoner in the Shawshank of your mind and in social situations.


Any kind of response you have while going through these is dissolving these exact issues out like spring cleaning for your soul. 


Again, these are powerful, custom scripts made exactly for this program and coming from real sufferers of social anxiety of different levels from 'having it in some circumstances only' and intermittent symptoms to 'paralyzing' degrees which are affecting their entire lives. 


Going through these, you'll find what has affected you (and release) it because often these issues are subconscious and you just aren't aware of what they are consciously; we've got you covered because these are class="style316"> comprehensive.  Heck, even once you find something that really causes an effect with you, keep going over that line and releasing on it.


You will see real results with these scripts especially when combined with the rest of the program to move you into more personal and social power. 


The world becomes exciting once you're 'equal' to ALL power because then you can communicate with anyone, anywhere at anytime (including the people you WANT in your life) and it becomes incredibly liberating.  Plus, you're free from their judgment.


"Hello Rion Excellent resources are the powerliminals. It gives the same or even more

powerful effects as natural grounding does"  -diderio


Give it a shot without any risk...

90 days money-back guarantee for this Powerliminal

You get:

This full Powerliminal program


• Instant & lifetime online access

Karmically clear by purchasing (we're working with very high levels of power)

Karmically clear by purchasing processing (the same pro audio used in countless vocals and hit recordings over the years)

• Plus, lifetime Upgrade Access (IF there are ever technical additions or quality improvements to each specific resource)

Future special discounts or coupons as an inaugural Powerliminal customer



"As of now, these powerliminals are like God-sends and have me covered. This has been the missing link for me. I'm going to buying them up as long as you keep producing them-hopefully forever (mortality aside)!!"  -zak


(You may have to choose a username and password after you checkout)

Powerliminal Special Program:

'Dissolving Social Anxiety to Live In

Freedom & Power'

Complete Solution

$997 >$297

Via Credit Card or Paypal




And then get your instant access online

(you may have to choose a username & password

to enter right after checkout)

1-Time Only Charge


Isn't it time to:


● Have the integrity to always be yourself everywhere you go and live free of judgment and oppression from others?

Freely be able to express yourself and effectively communicate your integrity in any environment especially when it matters?

● Never feel fear or anxiety around other people of power or higher social status than you?

● Lose the feelings of fear, stress and anxiety that are holding you prisoner personally and in social situations?

● Stop living in paralyzing fear worrying about what others will say about you?

● Start truly being present, living in the moment instead of your head with others?


Communicate openly without worries and still always end up saying the right things at the right time?


Instantly command respect in a room with presence because of the power you carry in your aura and consciousness before you speak a word?


● Live from higher consciousness and closer connection to oneness


● Attract people you actually RESONATE with?


● Be a social BUTTERFLY anywhere but without 'trying' to impress?


● Never feel rejected because you only experience and value relationships of connection and resonancy?


Not worrying about the few times you ever say something 'off' because you're living with integrity almost all of the time?

Command and receive respect and time from other people of power even when you don't have as much expertise or value to give in that


Feeling GREAT, liberated and open, excited to meet new people in new environments instead of living in conservative, shy shame?

Always have power and freedom and choice to connect and communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime from
power no matter their level of social status?


Then invest in this program and see

the PRICELESS LIFE changes for yourself!  Put it to the test.


The DSA Powerliminal program literally just does all of this work FOR YOU because it reprograms, heals and transforms your consciousness on the other levels of self that you can't touch in normal, waking states (and where you're not conscious enough to heal anyways).

Just sit back and relax in the audio meditation format.


It knows how to connect and engage each of your conscious energies where your stress exists and moves them into a higher vibration through connection to oneness

Instantly transforms your experience because it's working consciously with how you practically experience life...no more waiting months to maybe feel some results.  Try it out now!


I look forward to hearing YOUR success story.  You too can be comfortable in your own skin ANYWHERE you go without any of the fears that were owning you before in life.



p.s. Beyond just the Powerliminals, this program includes professional targeted releasing scripts and guided audio releases for you to lose the feelings of fear around other people that had power and you wanted to impress.

And it works on the non-physical areas of your consciousness (spiritual); emotional, sexual, mental and physical to transform the entire way you relate. In other words becoming powerful and confident in relation to the entire WORLD and all other people of higher social power and status.

The logic is one thing but the application that's another, remember the

DSA brings that transformation to you more than just dissolving all social anxieties but being able to be free, confident, comfortable in your own skin in relation to anyone else of power whether they're a celebrity or a beautiful member of the opposite sex you'd like to meet or a leader of industry you'd like to connect with.  Start your transformation within 5 minutes even!


This product is officially for entertainment or informational purposes.  It has not yet been validated by any Doctor nor is a certified replacement for professional psychiatric help.   No guarantees of the level of healing or transformation can be implied.  You are responsible for any and all changes in your reality and health.  Results may vary for everyone.  Either way 90 day refund is available.>


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