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  Do You Want Uncontested Personal

Confidence In Any Environment?


Now, far deeper than surface level solutions, it's time to get some real transformation in this area at the subconscious levels so you can have unshakable confidence and the ability to freely express yourself in any environment without having to try to impress.


Let's dissolve even the subtleties of attachment to outcome, trying to 'get' or any 'neediness' that may subconsciously be coming across in your communication that could be preventing successful relationships with powerful and beautiful people.


Introducing the Brand New

Special Powerliminal Audio Program





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This isn't just a really long one this time, you get transformational components to this package.


"That last powerliminal (Self-Esteem) IMO is the best one so far - which says a lot considering that the others are power-houses!" -Ivanovich


To help you have real, core self-confidence, power and esteem, you get:


Transformational Overview Audio

To give you the outlook for the transformational intent, what elements are involved and how to use each part of the program

Transformational Questions Audio

Made with transformational spiritual logic and special afformations in the subjective.  Any one of these could easily be worth the full investment for yourself.  You can also take any of them and meditate upon it.  With these level of questions you'll undeniably have to step into a greater power!

Power Forgiveness & Releasing Audio

This special audio (or 2) is key because it helps you rise above the level of being influenced and disempowered your whole life.  Specially constructed it embeds ho'oponopono (new to Powerliminals), Sedona, EFT/Tapping, spiritual and social relational mastery and spiritual logic to help you clear out your own projections and limitations that are stopping you from being socially powerful and divinely self-confident


The Primary Powerliminal

This 23 minute relevant powerhouse even goes into your childhood and gives you powerful life reframing on your confidence and self-esteem

2 Powerliminal Whisper Audios

Finally this rarely known but powerful transformational feature has been brought to Powerliminals.  There are 2 of these separate audios; one for healing and filling the gaps of those who took away your innocence and self-esteem and another 1 for greater freedom and self-expression.  Any one of these whispers can entirely transform your life and fill the gap that you've been trying to seek outside of yourself subconsciously for so many years.


Accountability PDF

To help you make sure you're making the inevitable big change


Subjective X4 Questions/Afformation PDFs

From that audio portion so you can read along or use it on your own for releasing and transformation


If you already know and love Powerliminals OR if you want SERIOUS resolution and solid transformation in this area of your life (even if it's just subtle things that are invisibly still working around other people of power preventing relationships), just grab it below and start putting it to use for unshakable confidence (that of which you will see in how people start treating you differently). 


This is a special program that is based on subconscious freedom, real transformation and results (with additional components) thus it is more expensive. 


What kind of price would you pay to stop years of unworthiness and your subconscious sending out creepy 'getting' energy from people?  You're really buying an all-in-1 'work with it on your own' solution here to resolve these issues on the subconscious and conscious areas of self including very deep embedded behaviors that have affected your worth.


We look forward to hearing your successes with this if you're willing to share!


"The Self-Esteem Powerliminal is very powerful. I could feel a lot of things being cleared and released listening to the audio. I am very clean and living in bliss most of the time but there was still a lot of limiting and negative conditioning stored at the unconscious level that I hadn’t been able to release, that the Powerliminal cleared out".  -Fredd82


The Self-Esteem Powerliminal Program

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee



"Powerliminals change me and give me access to a 'world' that feels like my normal reality but consistently blows my mind, in both subjective experience and results. I don't know what I don't know, and they show me what I'm missing."  - Zack


(With Any Order You Get):


Your Powerliminal resource/s itself in mp3 format

Karmically clear by purchasing (we're working with very high levels of power)

Pro audio processing (the same pro audio plugins used in countless vocals and hit recordings over the years)

• Plus, Lifetime Upgrade Access (IF there are ever technical additions or quality improvements to each specific resource)

Future special discounts or opportunities as a Powerliminal customer

• Video Access or HQ Download if a video version is made


Feel free to email with questions.

(You may have to choose a username and password after you checkout).  Access page should be visible when you are logged in on any page at the top of the right hand column.  Visible and available to paying customers.

1-Time Only Charge

Either way you still get a 90 day money-back guarantee to put them to use.

Comments on some other Powerliminals:

"I can't stop smiling!

I listened to the original two-hour meditation yesterday and first two parts of the "upgraded" DSA - one last night, one this morning. I didn't think I had that much social anxiety, but apparently it had really been running my lafe and dragging me down, because the world feels 1000% better as that way of being drains out of my consciousness.

It's not simply easier to talk and connect with people, but the whole world around me is a so much more enjoyable place. As the ego worries fade and I experience more spiritual connection and interdependence, everything feels lighter, less "important," more free and fun.

People on the street and in the office are making me smile just from enjoying their energy, so much that my cheeks hurt. I had no idea I was so uptight and held back that the taste of freedom is so amazing.

I'm very grateful for this resource. It's like a whole new experience of life, and I know it's only going to get better the more let go of the old way and receive this new way of being.

Thank you!!"  -Herotransformation

Powerliminals just WORK.  Read more testimonials from others at our forum thread and give these a go for yourself to see real results.


"Hello Rion Excellent resources are the powerliminals. It gives the same or even more

powerful effects as natural grounding does"  -diderio


"As of now, these powerliminals are like God-sends and have me covered. This has been the missing link for me. I'm going to buying them up as long as you keep producing them-hopefully forever (mortality aside)!!"  -zak




These products is officially for entertainment or informational purposes.  There are no guarantees on the level of success or healing you may experience. You are responsible for your own decisions, actions and effect.  Please be in sound mental health before using Powerliminals and they are not meant to take the place of licensed therapy. Results may vary for everyone. 


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