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'The Hero Powerliminal'

(2 minutes)


Exclusively for men.  For accessing the rare, universal frequency of divine courage; an alluring mystique of the divine masculine and yang power to step up and live an epic and legendary life in greatness like Kings, Knights and great warriors in today's age. 


In this rapid-fire heavy-hitter, the subjects of immortality and death are also brought up in a life-changing way.  This is an Elite resource.  A super production of sorts that is infinitely reloopable on your beck and call (it's really meant to be done several times in a row each sitting). 


"Hero powerliminal is fu*kin amazing!"  - R.P.



If you had 4 minutes to save the world, I would listen to this for the first 2.  Put this on before weightlifting or a boxing match and you'll crush it.


 This is the most expensive meditation in the world because it is only 2 minutes.  The price will be $97 or higher after launch.




"Wow, this got me in trance. 
Funny... I listened to that right after re-listening to the 4h audio program Archetypal Male from Brent Smith & Rich H. This just locks it in." -Etienne

POWERLIMINALS YOUR MEDITATIONS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD!......this one in particular is something else, after listening to these Meditations, one totally feels that Elusive WOW Factor tremendous feelings of euphoria I bow to your knowledge peace and love -jm


This is an investment and powerful tool that says you're worth it and you respect that your life can be changed in 2 minutes and that in 2 minutes of your greater expression you could change others lives legendarily.


 You will continually be able to extract $1000s of value out of this infinitely loopable powerhouse of a resource to experience RADICAL transformations in record time.  It's not for everyman but for those with a greater calling who want to step into that power. 


"Wow, that two-minute powerliminal is really GOOD! Very dense". -heroT

A perfect balance to the Guided Yang Attunements this will bring great, rare masculine allure, power and presence.  Order the Hero below.


Remember my rate is now $997/hour and I've put a good 12 hours into the 2 minute script alone.  After launch you will receive access to a special audio or audio/video mix of the epic music this goes perfectly with.  For now you can listen to it solo or start mixing it with warrior music.


*Also I am a U.S. Army Soldier Veteran who had orders for Airborne, Special Forces Q Course so I have additional experience/power to channel warrior spirit into this for you.  This is a part of my story, evolution and history and I may give more details later/after launch.



'Getting Physical'

(2 Hours, 10 Minutes)


Exclusively for single men who value practical, sexual connection with women or a girlfriend (who have screwed things up in the past and hated themselves for it), this Powerliminal is a more physically oriented and practical application plus a great supplement to other transformational work with sexual energy too.


After holding back for years on the details of getting physical until I could get more clarity to see where the physical reality of sex fits into also representing 'Goddess everything', I have clarity and I'm revealing this special program on sexual attraction.  It has been a long time in the making and will be an obvious clear choice for the men it is for.


In the Powerliminal format it brings extra practical advice, mastery insights, steps and details including covering a lot of issues you might go through in getting physical with a woman.  In the LP format you'll be able to dive in at any point and keep soaking in not just the beliefs of a physically connected reality with women and sex, but invaluable insights with it all to keep expanding your reality of real connection with REAL good-looking women.


It'll also help you clear out guilt and shame about sex because ultimately it is a great things between consenting adults.


Sex matters.  But there's a BIG difference between attracting more fantasy sex and having REAL connection with a woman.


 As a man you have to lead this natural physical process but the other programs have got in the way of your natural ability.  If this is for you, you may listen to it for many many hours across time but what matters is you will start seeing definite improvements in your connection with women, natural physical and sexual confidence and sex life instantly.


This is the 'program' to have in place of social programs like courtship or 'game' which have thrown you off from authentic connection and chemistry with women including making out and more.  Order 'Getting Physical' Below.



'Emotional Healing 1'

(23 Minutes, 27 Seconds)


This is a heart awakening meditation that takes you into the heart and soul of Africa to do authentic emotional healing through higher consciousness.


You may already have an idea how important it is to heal, release and clear out the JUNK that's stored in your consciousness and energetic body.


Many people can work 'hard' at releasing, they may work work work at it to little effect with healing methodologies like Sedona or EFT.


The real secret to healing isn't more work but higher consciousness.  With a mind, body and soul definition this can make it hard for many emotional releasing methodologies to really work for YOU.  Now, it's time for some results much faster.


As your guide who values and embraces heart with great experience in higher heart consciousness, I will lead you from higher heart consciousness through some solid emotional healing and releasing to clear out years of junk.  This is also essential for transformational work and having room to receive new progress.


This will give you more emotional freedom, wellness, peace and happiness.  It also directly affects your heart health itself as per Heart Math research.  This is unlike other heart or releasing meditations because the valuation is of Heart itself and higher consciousness. 


It will effect and engage your Heart and comes from great experience as compared to other hypnosis or audio meditations where the valuation is relaxation or 'mind' and the guide isn't necessarily emotionally FREE themselves and is just reading a script.  The difference makes all the difference.


Order the Emotional Healing 1 below or just check out these options:

More details to be added post-launch. 


If you already know and love Powerliminals, just get what you want and start putting it to use for serious transformation and results in your life!


Unlike regular hypnosis or audio meditations, Powerliminals connect you to greater divine truth itself (*The 1 exception may be the 'Getting Physical' Powerliminal b/c it had to come 'down to earth' to cover more logistical details); higher consciousness is how you always resolve your problems. 


Powerliminals as premium resources know how to affect and engage your Heart, Mind, Body, Sexiness and Soul 'conscious energies' unlike other meditations which may deny those areas or have little if any power or consciousness there to heal in your specific areas and take a generic conscious mind or subliminal approach which doesn't engage transformation.  Powerliminals USP makes all the difference for healing and growth in different areas of self and just check out what other customers are saying on our forum!  Best of all, try it for yourself and get going.



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The Hero Powerliminal Solo

2 min.

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'Getting Physical' Powerliminal Solo

2 hr. 10 mins.

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Just $197 $97



Option 3:

Emotional Healing 1 Powerliminal Solo

23 min. 27 sec.

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Just $147 $57



"Powerliminals change me and give me access to a 'world' that feels like my normal reality but consistently blows my mind, in both subjective experience and results. I don't know what I don't know, and they show me what I'm missing."  - Zack


OR....Shoot For The Stars!

Get the 'Hero' AND 'Getting Physical' &

I'll Throw In The Emotional Healing 1 For Free:


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Karmically clear by purchasing (we're working with very high levels of power)

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• Plus, lifetime Upgrade Access (IF there are ever technical additions or quality improvements to each specific resource)

Future special discounts or opportunities as a Powerliminal customer

• Video Access or HQ Download if a video version is made



All 3 Bundle @ Launch Discount:

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You will ultimately get your access to all.  Feel free to email with questions.

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1-Time Only Charge

Either way you still get a 90 day money-back guarantee to put them to use.



Comments on some other Powerliminals:

"I can't stop smiling!

I listened to the original two-hour meditation yesterday and first two parts of the "upgraded" DSA - one last night, one this morning. I didn't think I had that much social anxiety, but apparently it had really been running my lafe and dragging me down, because the world feels 1000% better as that way of being drains out of my consciousness.

It's not simply easier to talk and connect with people, but the whole world around me is a so much more enjoyable place. As the ego worries fade and I experience more spiritual connection and interdependence, everything feels lighter, less "important," more free and fun.

People on the street and in the office are making me smile just from enjoying their energy, so much that my cheeks hurt. I had no idea I was so uptight and held back that the taste of freedom is so amazing.

I'm very grateful for this resource. It's like a whole new experience of life, and I know it's only going to get better the more let go of the old way and receive this new way of being.

Thank you!!"  -Herotransformation

Powerliminals just WORK.  Read more testimonials from others at our forum thread and give these a go for yourself to see real results.


"Hello Rion Excellent resources are the powerliminals. It gives the same or even more

powerful effects as natural grounding does"  -diderio


"As of now, these powerliminals are like God-sends and have me covered. This has been the missing link for me. I'm going to buying them up as long as you keep producing them-hopefully forever (mortality aside)!!"  -zak





These products is officially for entertainment or informational purposes.  There are no guarantees on the level of success or healing you may experience. You are responsible for your own decisions, actions and effect.  Please be in sound mental health before using Powerliminals and they are not meant to take the place of licensed therapy. Results may vary for everyone. 


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