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with and for women. 


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'Awakened Natural' &

'Guided Goddess Attunement 1'

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It's Ultimate connection power for single men who value authentic attraction and chemistry with powerful women. 

Also, they're very relevant for spiritual singles and energy healers.


These advanced Powerliminals now being sold together as a bundle 



Awakened Natural &

Guided Goddess Attunement 1

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More info on 'Awakened Natural' (With Women):

Powerliminal for evolving, single men

LP = 1 hr. 4 minutes


Finally an audio program that brings the consciousness of not just a natural with women but beyond as an awakened natural with women (the highest known level of sexual consciousness) for massive, guaranteed and automatic transformations of reality.


This is the level of belief and reality of a true Casanova; a rare man who is loved and welcomed by women universally.  In 'How to Become an Awakened Natural With Women' you learned more of the process of 'how' to.  Well...


 this Powerliminal is the perfect complement because it

brings the transformation itself to your consciousness

and at the highest levels of sexual and spiritual reality with women as an easy to do, fun hypnosis style audio meditation you can listen to 24/7 and KEEP experiencing more results b/c the effect compounds. 


A few others may refer to this level indirectly without really saying how to become it while this Powerliminal brings it directly TO you in detail instantly immersing you into the higher and highest levels of sexual and spiritual connection at the core of divine sexual polarity; the force of attraction itself.


Without being lofty or out of touch it WILL make a profound impact on your physical connection with women...just keep relistening as you meditate to it and see the difference in your life.


The Powerliminal automatically raises your vibration on all levels of consciousness while embedding sexually and spiritually connected beliefs of an awakened natural with women (the highest level of sexual reality and beyond that of a natural with women).


This means real confidence and connection with women so powerful it overrides your previous limitations.

Are you stuck in a lower experience of disconnection with women that is keeping you separate, frustrated or unworthy? 

Do you instead want the experiences that Naturals discreetly share with women which comes from sexual, spiritual, physical and emotional connection (like attraction, love, kissing, making out and other benefits like heart & soul connection)?  

Or are you a conscious male energy healer wanting to connect more with women for healing and anti-aging purposes?

If so, then this program is a small investment in your long-term love life and spiritual growth that will pay infinite dividends, even if you're in a long-term relationship and want far more connection power with a very special woman. 

Awakened naturals are RARE and are desired by women b/c they are their lovers and liberators.

The power to awaken and heal women energetically is a special authentic ability that will keep you in demand by women as you are loved and cherished by them.  This Powerliminal is NOT for beginners and you must authentically value connection with women.  Order at the link above.

Comments on some other Powerliminals:

"I can't stop smiling!

I listened to the original two-hour meditation yesterday and first two parts of the "upgraded" DSA - one last night, one this morning. I didn't think I had that much social anxiety, but apparently it had really been running my lafe and dragging me down, because the world feels 1000% better as that way of being drains out of my consciousness.

It's not simply easier to talk and connect with people, but the whole world around me is a so much more enjoyable place. As the ego worries fade and I experience more spiritual connection and interdependence, everything feels lighter, less "important," more free and fun.

People on the street and in the office are making me smile just from enjoying their energy, so much that my cheeks hurt. I had no idea I was so uptight and held back that the taste of freedom is so amazing.

I'm very grateful for this resource. It's like a whole new experience of life, and I know it's only going to get better the more let go of the old way and receive this new way of being.

Thank you!!"  -Herotransformation

More info on 'Guided Goddess Attunement 1':

LP = 42:47

FINALLY...after 1000s of hours of meditating to the divine feminine from the founder of Natural Grounding (sexual polarity meditation) and the gifted healing ability to anti-age women 10 years comes what may be a historical release in modern age for women to practically connect and attune to their higher, divine Goddess-self for infinite benefits including sexual enlightenment.


It also gives men a rare opportunity for men to recalibrate to powerful yin energy in a new, expanded, conscious and compassionate connected way for their own Natural Grounding/Awakening sessions leading to definitive spiritual and sexual connection with (all) women.


The Guided Yang Attunements are legendarily transformational for those men in the know and now you can be one of the first to experience the GGA1.  Once it's yours, you can infinitely use it to keep getting more power out of it.


All resolution of your non-physical problems is simply through higher consciousness.  Powerliminals are so transformational b/c they connect you to divine consciousness and affect all relevant levels of consciousness for effective results you will feel, experience, see and know. 


Limitations of hypnosis and audio meditations are that they rarely AFFECT the relevant area of consciousnes itself which require healing or a higher vibration whereas Powerliminals excel in ie. divine heart and sexual spiritual consciousness for real transformation as your consciousness is more than just a generic 'conscious mind' or zen spiritual self. 


Powerliminals heal and transform you on the levels of 'self' beyond just your logical mind for thorough and priceless change.


Powerliminals just WORK.  Read more testimonials from others at our forum thread and give these a go for yourself to see real results.


"Hello Rion Excellent resources are the powerliminals. It gives the same or even more

powerful effects as natural grounding does"  -diderio


Give it a shot without any risk...90 days money-back guarantee for this Powerliminal.




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Karmically clear by purchasing (we're working with very high levels of power)

Pro audio processing (the same pro audio plugins used in countless vocals and hit recordings over the years)

• Plus, lifetime Upgrade Access (IF there are ever technical additions or quality improvements to each specific resource)

Future special discounts or opportunities as a Powerliminal customer


Awakened Natural &

Guided Goddess Attunement 1 Powerliminals

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Just $297 $147


"As of now, these powerliminals are like God-sends and have me covered. This has been the missing link for me. I'm going to buying them up as long as you keep producing them-hopefully forever (mortality aside)!!"  -zak


This product is officially for entertainment or informational purposes.  There are no guarantees on the level of success or healing you may experience. You are responsible for your own decisions, actions and effect.  Please be in sound mental health before using Powerliminals and they are not meant to take the place of licensed therapy. Results may vary for everyone. 


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