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'Attracting & Receiving Beauty'


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ARB is meant specifically for today's single man to have more attraction and connection with hotter and more beautiful women; discover this audio meditation program for the highest level of consciousness reprogramming possible in an audio format. 


Even if you've felt:






*Desperately Wanting

of beauty and desirable single women.


The spiritual and sexual reality is that you are worthy and receiving of attraction and connection with any level of 'beauty' in the opposite sex.  Social programming has conditioned unworthiness and disconnection from women, beauty and the social power of glamour (and sexploitation). 


This program will rewire your reality to the divinity and truth of your worthiness.  It will change your actual energy field and communication to be worthy, confident, attractive, powerful and receiving on all levels of holistic consciousness and subconsciousness. 


In short, it can literally do miracles as it practically connects you to far higher levels of power and transforms your subjective reality on the deepest levels 1000x more powerful than inner game. 


It's one of the rare, relevant audio meditations for men to directly help with attracting women into your life. 


Just see what these other single men are already saying:






"Wow! I just finished going through the track and was blown away. Within 10 minutes I felt that I was in states 3-5x deeper than I'd get by doing Natural Grounding/Awakening solo. I will definitely sleep to this (since I didn't sleep this night and it's morning now) and let it soak in a few more times!" Great piece, Rion"


- Dan A., Canada


"What Rion is doing here..He's really using consciousness technologies to ground your energy and alter your state of consciousness. That's way more than just helping with 'focus'. It's a very important distinction right here." - Etienne

"I listened to the powerliminal yesterday and it is something else. I have done a lot of things that engages your energies such as NG, hypnosis, holosync and different mediations and this powerliminal is a whole different ball game. It engaged energies in my whole body to an extent I have previously not experienced.

The powerliminal is so good!!!!"

-Fredd82, Sweden


"I just purchased and listened to the two (included with Receiving Beauty) that are available at the moment. This is spectacular. I've listened to quite a few hypnosis/ subliminal/ entrainment products and this is right at the top in terms of quality and in terms of effect,

there's nothing like it out there.

My base state has been instantly elevated. I can wait to start reading/ posting stories about what new things start showing up in the lives of men who are listening to this. No doubt there will be some great stories coming!" - Herotransformation


"..got the first powerliminal (AARB) and I loved it!! As powerful as your stuff is, this just
blew everything out of the water
. My initiation to these products has me sired for life..

First night I got it I only had one quick run through on the 10 minute '(SPx)' version..when I went out right after, not only did I feel 100% socially liberated, confident, comfortable and worthy but I seemed to have a huge impact on woman at the venue in ways I have never experienced before..and I've experience a lot of great crazy stuff:)

I shant brag, but lets just say I was very grateful for this new resource. All personal success aside what was most amazing was the sense I had after speaking to some woman.. it was like they were more inspired and in touch with something deeper in their hearts, some recognition of themselves.

I have not been a hardcore grounder for too long-but I find myself wanting to listen to hours
of these recording while grounding
. Anyway enough praise for you cutting edge, heart filled genius.  - Zak

"The night I bought ARB I had intended to listen to it while I slept....Toward the end of the recording I became slightly awakened and felt a jolt of fear, and then the most intense vibrations of spiritual awareness I had ever felt in my life.


It was as if a layer of my ego was completely shattered...Since this experience I've been a lot more sensitive to energies and relational dynamics, not to mention going through life with a carefree attitude (except for necessary moments of releasing lower consciousness attachments, which is ultimately necessary for all personal change).


With dedicated time, effort, and reconditioning of your energy towards high consciousness resources such as this, there is no way anyone can fail to embody their Higher Self and become the natural, opposite and attracting energetic equal of ALL women. It's like I told Rion. Powerliminals=Spiritual/Sexual Surgery.   -ace1119




"Absolutely po-wer-ful ! The title of this MindReel could have been "Connection with divine feminine energy". I already listened it 2 times, the 2nd when grounding with Palmy. It took my experience to a new level. At the end, I felt a great sense of sureness, calm, and good energy.I still felt it when I woke up this morning, it's amazing."   -raj70


"An update on my experience - it's been two weeks of ARB and a week of using gYa2. I've been listening to the tracks in various places every day - in meditation, NG, or listening to them while doing other things.

I'm finding myself connecting more and more to that state of receiving - a completely different place than ego-based attraction and desire. I was doing pretty good before at fading my ego, but this is a completely different state of being. It's shown up in moments, then longer periods and now it's starting to feel like "home" and the ego-based way of being (which I still slip back into all the time) feels unnatural.

And wow, what a difference! Worries just melt away. I accept and receive instead of worrying. I see how amazing I am and how awesome my life is, I see everything is working out for me in fantastic ways. Everything - worries about money, family, health, sex, women - disappears and I experience abundance everywhere.

And the more I'm listening to this, the stronger that reality is becoming, without me doing anything to "make it happen." In fact, the less I try, the more it just happens.

I can see the matrix, how guys I used to envy for their confidence and social savvy, now I see they don't get it, they're creating barriers to connection with their egos, while I'm simply welcoming and receiving. PUAs are operating in a completely different universe than this and I've let go of more societal BS programming in two weeks of meditation with powerliminals than years of the PUA nonsense.

And I'm not just feeling good, this shift in my way of being is creating an ability to manifest instead of "seeking" or "pursuing." A raise and job security, beautiful women going out of their way to give me food, attention, business, or simply being near me.

In one case, a stranger standing next to me on the train felt my energy and started leaning her head on my shoulder, then pulled away and gave me this "did-I-just-do-that?" look.

Women from my past showing up, women in my life wanting to be closer, all in a place of welcoming and receiving. It's not about me, I'm not doing anything, it's about my connection to the source where everything is going to be fine and there's nothing to worry about."  -Herotransformation




This Powerliminal audio meditation resource with pro audio processing (and a deep consciousness supplemental reverb & delay effect) is designed for single men to attract the highest levels of physical beauty and even glamour that have been previously out of touch and bring those 'attributes' into personal relationships.


You will start resonating on a level of attraction and receiving of beauty vs. coming from a lower energy field of disconnection and unworthiness.  Beauty will start being attracted to you and entering your life.


This is the creme-de-la-creme of re-programming and 1000x more powerful than affirmations because it comes from a level of spiritual, sexual and yin/yang polarity of core power and connection to oneness.


It will alter your state of consciousness itself.


It's done in a Super-man pod programming style (when he's flying to earth with programming from his father) on levels light years beyond inner game and personal affirmations based on the disconnected energy field of desire 'wanting' something it can't have.


It connects you to the fact that you already are worthy b/c you are power and beauty itself as the masculine...you start connecting, believing and changing your entire energy field to attract and receive beauty in your life with this resource.


This is the inaugural 'new' release Powerliminal product with more coming but if you're single and you want more 'connection' to women who people said were 'out of your league', now you can have


No more:


Anxiety, disconnection, apathy, desire, unworthiness, frustration with 'out of touch' prettier women or people who have social power while you remain disconnected.  Instead, you become powerful worthy and receiving.


This Powerliminal (using the same professional audio processing used on countless hit records with the #1 software) will affect your consciousness to connect you to infinite worthiness and power that will soak into your sexual, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual consciousness as well as your subconsciousness.


You will carry this entire shift of energy with you to resonate with powerful, beautiful women even if you never have before.


Mass media has 'programmed' you into unworthiness and disconnection with beauty and body of desirable women.  This single resource and investment 'rewires' all of that and affects you on the levels that matter that are untouched by inner game work.


All you have to do is keep listening to it when you're in a relaxed state.  ALL of it is connected, coming from higher experience and higher connection that will heal and release your lower blocks to actually change your reality with women.


If you've loved gYa1, you will love this IF you're still single.  It's HYPER-relevant (every second of it) towards actually attracting and receiving the physical reality of being with prettier women. 


You could call it 'attracting hottest women' at levels light years ahead of the dating industry.  If you don't feel worthy to receive more of the beauty you'd like in your life; to be that connected with it or in a long-term (or shorter-term) relationship, get this program risk-free (90 day guarantee).


It will connect you to power far beyond yourself and transform your reality as it affects your different levels of state (conscious energy) and your subconsciousness.


The sample of this attracting women and beauty meditation has over 45,000 views on youtube and counting.


If you aren't receiving the level of prettiness, women, body, beauty, love, affection, connection and attention in your life with the level of women you've desired and you've settled for less and you'd like to open up to the highest levels of beauty, this resource will completely change your reality.


Even if you're comfortable with women but sense that you really deserve the highest quality in the world, invest in this resource and watch your reality change.


*90 Day Money Back Guarantee*


So put it to full use and see for yourself!  Just let me know within 90 days if you want a refund.


You get the 45 minute 'LP' (long play) version instant access [.mp3]

(after choosing a username online)


Plus, a shorter 'high-powered' official version 'SP' [.mp3]

(10 Minute) Available 6/2..this will be more replayable like gYa1...


Great for attracting high quality, beautiful women into your life or a long-term relationships as well as advanced personal and spiritual growth


UPDATE: You also get an earthier, more sexually connective

version to the opposite sex 'SPx' [.mp3]

(10 Minute) Available now...


Great for attracting gorgeous single women and connecting with beauty and power itself while accepting your sexuality as part of reality in engaged relationships


3 versions of Attracting & Receiving Beauty

for the same investment!


The SPx version's additions were done only in 'connected' states with the feminine which gives you more of the actual power and energy field of connection with 'beauty' itself; more power and high level reality built in...additional value for you.


There is even an audio layer of ONLY powerful connected energy of receiving women, power and beauty and it's intent sent into the microphone that is embedded in the SPx version for you.




I've decided to give all purchasers, the audio layer itself just of connected energy, receiving energy.  This is where I was in a deeply connected meditative state with resonancy of receiving top-level beauty (based on experience) and sending it directly into the microphone...I could feel the energy field resonating off of my body. 


Now you can just even soak things in listening to that 'frequency' of receiving so it affects you into a higher reality.  This is some completely post-new-age stuff that I've never heard done before too.


"Hello Rion

Excellent resources are the powerliminals. It gives the same or even more

powerful effects as natural grounding does"  -diderio


You can then mix your supplemental audio with it, bring in pictures of completely 'out of touch' women and watch as your reality changes with women in the world around you and beauty starts popping up everywhere, being attracted to you more and more and without any effort.


Because I'm channeling higher spiritual truth and sexual power myself in 'making this', like I did with 'SuperHalo', 'Shine' and gYa1 (it's not coming from the literal me or my ego, none of it), I will continue to use this resource myself to be even more connected to women and attract even more power, beauty and awesomeness in life.


You're not going to find anything out there like this...even if you use subliminal audio programs, how many of those are coming from a truly sexual and spiritual valuation or high level of consciousness? 


Powerliminals work, try it out and start seeing more beauty and receiving pop into your life as you become the powerful, attractive, worthy man you COULD be!


Give it a shot without any risk...90 days money-back guarantee for this Powerliminal (more coming soon!)


Get Both Online Viewable & Downloadable Versions of this resource with infinite power for your reality:


Your Powerliminal resource itself in mp3 format (&.wav by request)

Karmically clear by purchasing (we're working with very high levels of power)

Pro audio processing (the same pro audio used in countless vocals and hit recordings over the years)

• Plus, lifetime Upgrade Access (IF there are ever technical additions or quality improvements to each specific resource)

Future special discounts or coupons as an inaugural Powerliminal customer



"As of now, these powerliminals are like God-sends and have me covered. This has been the missing link for me. I'm going to buying them up as long as you keep producing them-hopefully forever (mortality aside)!!"  -zak


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'Powerliminal: Attracting & Receiving Beauty'

(All 3 versions + the Bonus Receiving Frequency Energy Track)

90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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